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Mortgage Advice

It’s never been harder to get a mortgage, so now is the perfect time to consider asking an independent expert to help you. Perhaps you are stuck with an outdated mortgage agreement and could save a considerable amount by switching. Or maybe you want to release equity from your property or pay off your mortgage early. Whatever your mortgage needs, we can help you to find the best deals on the current market and assist you in dealing with the paperwork involved.

Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. We will meet with you to discuss your current arrangements and then look at the different ways you could save money or make yourself a more attractive prospect for lenders. Our mortgage experts will work with you to find the best lender for your budget, ensuring that you are not tied in to hidden clauses and paying more than is necessary.

Investment Advice

You may be happy to plan your investments alone, but there’s no doubt that having an impartial financial adviser can help you to make the very best of the investment deals on the market. It can be immensely time-consuming to find and decide upon investment options from the hundreds that are available. An independent investment expert studies the markets on a daily basis, ensuring that you benefit from their up-to-the-minute knowledge.

We like to arrange a preliminary, no-obligation meeting with potential clients, to find out what you’d like your investment to achieve, your attitude to risk and what sort of access to your money you would be most comfortable with. From there, we can work with you to create a personal plan, tailored to your specific requirements.

Pensions Advice

Many people overlook the issue of pension provision when arranging their finances. You may find that you will have a big shortfall when you reach retirement age. Whether you are investing in a pension for the first time or want to improve your potential income from an existing one, our independent advisers can help. We look at your existing policies and advise on their suitability or find suitable new pension schemes for first-time investors. It’s never too soon to start thinking about your income after retirement, so let our experts help you find the best policies to help you live comfortably when the time comes.

Life and Illness Insurance Protection

When things go wrong and you face serious illness or the loss of a family member, the last thing you want to worry about is your finances. That’s why it is essential to prepare for the unforeseen now by making sure you have adequate life insurance protection or serious illness protection built into your financial plans. It will give you and your family peace of mind to know that should the worst happen, they will be free from the worry of financial hardship.

Those with families often see this form of cover as essential and are keen to protect their loved ones. Our impartial financial advisers can help you find the ideal package for your needs, based on your current income and your desired level of cover.