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Taking out a mortgage is often a financial commitment that will span decades. With a mortgage being one of the largest monthly payments for many of us, it may be worthwhile to consider whether you could continue to meet repayment responsibilities if you suffered a financial shock.

If your household lost its main source of income without warning, would you still be able to pay the mortgage?

It would, at least, put many of us under financial strain. No one wants to think about unexpectedly losing their income, whether temporarily, through illness or injury, for example, or permanently, as the case may be with a long-term disability or the sudden death of a partner. However, the truth is that it does happen to families every day. In the UK each day:

There are many different protection products to consider, as well as calculating the level of income you’d need to cover essentials should you experience a financial shock. We’re here to help you understand what your options are and how to proceed to safeguard your future against the unexpected.

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Why choose us as your mortgage adviser?

We can help you throughout your mortgage journey, offering independent advice, from your initial enquiry through to taking out a protection product to safeguard against financial shocks.

We’ve been operating in the protection sector for years, offering specialist, tailored advice to our customers. We know every situation is different and listen to your concerns to offer expert advice on which protection product is right for you. Protection products can seem difficult to navigate, with multiple products and providers to choose from, we’ll help make it as simple as possible.

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