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There are a number of reasons why you might consider remortgaging your home.

Firstly, cost.

For most of us, our mortgage is our largest monthly outgoing. When was the last time you checked whether you could cut the cost? If you are not on a mortgage product, for example a fixed rate, and have not done so recently, we would recommend checking whether a remortgage would help to reduce your monthly payments.

There are other reasons to consider a remortgage.

Interest rates are currently extremely low, and have been for a number of years, you may therefore decide to remortgage in to a fixed rate, to protect yourself against any future rises in interest rates.

You may also wish to raise additional capital, perhaps for home improvements, one way of doing that is via a remortgage. If this is your aim we will also consider a further advance from your existing lender, as well as a secured loan, before making our final recommendation.

Why choose us as your mortgage adviser?

We are independent mortgage advisers, which means we have access to the whole of the intermediary market. We can recommend lenders not on the high street, perhaps even some you have never heard of.

We specialise in providing remortgage advice to clients both new and old. We will begin by understanding your objectives and then, having considered all the options open to you, recommend the right course of action.

What’s more, if the fee we get paid by the lender is sufficient to cover our time, we won’t charge you an additional fee.

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