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Switching your mortgage could save you thousands of pounds.

Whether you are looking to borrow more, your current deal is coming to an end or you are simply looking to save money. Switching your mortgage is easier than you may think. With hundreds of fee free deals available it can be virtually cost and hassle free.

The UK is a cost-cutting nation, with 92% of homeowners currently trying to reduce their monthly outgoings. Yet new research from Barclays is warning that Brits are ignoring how they could cut one of their biggest monthly outgoings – their mortgage.

Instead they are focusing on cutting back spending on takeaways, clothes and using discount vouchers at the tills; missing what could be their biggest savings opportunity.

The research shows that people are failing to realise how much they can actually save by swapping their mortgage.

A staggering 58% of homeowners say they have never changed their mortgage, outside of moving home, but the majority (74%) said that if they could save up to £50 a month they would consider doing so.

Those polled thought that swapping a mortgage could save them around £10 a month, but Barclays calculations show re-mortgaging could save homeowners much more.

In fact, Barclays’ data shows its range of fixed and tracker rate products could save homeowners £346m over the next two years alone.

At “Choice” we are independent advisers and so will research the whole of the intermediary market to find the best re-mortgage for you. Call us or complete the online enquiry form to find out how much you can save.

We will:

  • Find you the best, most suitable mortgage
  • Help you with all the forms and documentation
  • Liaise with the lender and provide you with constant feedback until you have moved into your new home

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